Something about sailing....why are we at sea ?


Own yachts:

S/Y Algol (2018-present)

S/Y Sirius (2004-2014)

S/Y MIranda (1991-2002)

Cool water activities, Home waters and the Oceans:

Sailing in Croatia (2011-present)

Pacific 2018

Digny to sweden (2016)

ARC prepsail (2015)


Swan to Spain (2013)

Clipper Round the world training (2010-2011)

Clipper Round the world (2011)

Ocean crew link, looking for adventure

Personal profile, competence and experience

Software for sailing

Navigation, OpenCPN is my favorite, it's a chartpotter, astronavigator and a range of nice features, open source and free.


Norsk OpenCPN side

Openplotter, yacht computer etc, all Rasberry Pi based.


Yacht callsigns.

Yacht Radio register search.

Weather, it's important to know the weather at sea.

zyGrib is widely used and higly appreciated.

Greek GRIB files for the Med and Adriatic. GRIB files, northern waters.

These little pictures illustrate how the turbulence from a

sail or wing extend over a long range. Everybody knows

that wind is always better than "used" wind, but few of us

think how long the turbulent used wind extend. It's far

more than just a few boat lengths.

Turbulence is still one of the hard problems in aerodynamics. These pictures nicely illustrate the concept of "used" wind.

Sailing electronic

Look at the Electronic corner (Elektronikkhjørnet) for some simple but useful tips and hints about the simple but often overlooked facts. An example is coax for VHF.

Ship computer and the project of using only computers and no instruments (or as few as possible) will be posted. Plans are to use a Rasberry Pi as main computer

and Arduino as peripheral processor (mostly due to the fact the the Pi do not have analog inputs and is not a real time computer).

Things to be afraid of

Freak waves/rouge waves,

not common but mave the potential to sink any ship. Watch the video to the right. These waves was rejected or dismissed as sailors stories by science for many years, until the Draupner oil rig recorded one in 1995.

Online boatshow (for those long winter months).

Online Nauticexpo