Algol installation

Algol data wiring and connection

The figure show how the current installation onboard Algol. The first owner decided on Raymarine and I stayed with the brand. Plotter and radar were upgraded (from E80 and analog radar) in late 2020.

There is still a lot of cables, even the old Seatalk-1. ST1 is now only used to connect the old sensors and the autopilot (instruments live longer). The backbone Seatalk NG (NMEA2000 compatible) cable run from the pod out in the cockpit to the nav station, a major reduction from ST1, VGA and Ethernet in the past. The radar is connected via wifi. Thanks to an isolated CAN to USB interface all NMEA2000 data is available on Algol's yacht computer.

The temperature sensors on the engine are omitted on the drawing, but this unit is sending data to SignalK over wireless.

A laptop run OpenCPN and a SignalK display, in addition it can display the RPi screen via VNC. A small 12" pad is permantly displaying a SignalK instrument panel.


For more details see yacht server on board.