Servers on board

A server for OpenPlotter, SignalK server, OpenCPN and other yacht and navigational stuff and another server for multimedia and related stuff. With the advent of small cheap single board computers one can have one server for each field of usage. I have also made a dedicated small server for communication, so far a gateway for relaying wi-fi from a nice antenna outside in the way that RedBox does it. Not as fancy as the redbox, but it provides forwarding of wifi internet from a shore station to a local wifi network on board.

The new Raspberry Pi 4B with 4 GiB of memory represent a major leap forward in terms of concurrent programs than can run. With 4 GiB of memory it can run OpenPlotter, SignalK server etc, OpenCPN and a web browser to display SignalK instrument panel. While OpenPlotter 2.0 is still in Beta a large part of it can be tested.